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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

  Ron Paul - A reluctant conversion

I had planned to spend my spare hours this week working through my answers to my top 10 questions for America.

Instead I went back and read the Oct 21, 2008 republican debate transcript, and watched the video, twice, to try and see some sign of sanity in the Republican party. While putting myself through this torture I wished, like the vodka pundit, that I'd kept a bottle open during the debate and the replays, or watched the red sox, or done anything else but worried about the future of the USA.

The post-debate doublethink was the worst, the bullshit chest-deep on the spin-room floor. First, seeing the Fox commentors dismiss the results of the text poll, consistently, after ignoring what evidence to the contrary exists and never investigating their own claims. Then seeing the MSM ignore that poll entirely, and seeing msnbc report the booing of Paul as their lead story - as if Fox and BushCo hadn't picked the audience in the room. Going into this debate, I didn't know who the network pundit Luntz was, so I googled him. I've thought the phone polls skewed for decades; but what Penn and Teller had to say about Luntz's street polling techniques depressed the hell out of me. If the MSM would just run a scientific study of how the various polling techniques (street, phone, text message, and internet) actually represent reality, I'd be a lot happier. They've had 6 months to research the problem(s). For now I'll weight what non-MSM people actually say over what any poll of any type claims to be a result.

Yesterday, Bush demanded 46 billion dollars more in emergency funding for the Iraqi occupation. Congress is going to give it to him, without raising taxes of course, but by printing money and further devaluing the currency. Gold is up 18% since June. The Canadian dollar, since 2002, is up from 61 cents to parity with the US dollar today. I see a lot of Canadian travelers where I live now, few Americans.

War is showing signs of spreading to Turkey, or so the MSM tells me. Military budgets throughout the world, after a long downward trend, are up.

The popular Redstate blog just banned Ron Paul participants. Almost amusingly, they did it based on the idea that their site is private property. Where news commentary becomes private property, I'll admit, is a grey area, but I note that sites like tolerate a great deal of controversy and have implemented a comment moderation system that is both effective in eliminating trolls and democratic – a technological solution to a real problem.

As if the current crop of politicians and news sites on either side had any understanding of science or technology, or any interest in allowing alternate viewpoints. Hey, redstate! The code to slashdot is free and open source, you can just use it – I know, to you, that that might sound a bit socialist – but implement it or something like it! Don't shut your readers and writers down!

I can't vote for Hillary Clinton, primarily because I'm strongly opposed to a hereditary aristocracy in America. I'd be against another Bush, Reagan, Carter, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, or Roosevelt for the same reason.

So, after sitting on the fence for a while, hoping someone better would show up, wishing that McCain didn't resemble Bernie, wishing that I could just drown my anger in drink or women or song... I just donated some money to Ron Paul.

I feel a little better about things, not much though.

Unlike some other paulites, I merely believe that he's pulling in the right direction, and that he (and I – and all citizens) deserve a voice in America. Also unlike some Paulites, I'd prefer that after losing in the primaries, that Paul sticks to what he's been saying - that he won't consider a 3rd party run - and go back to congress where he can continue speaking truth to power.

I would like Ron Paul to try to explain what a local government should do, and how, rather than what the federal government shouldn't. Most arguments I have with a libertarian start with “I live now in what some might call a libertarian paradise, and the roads suck. What would you do about that?” and go downhill from there.

Paul's speaking style drives me up a wall. His voice has a tendency to go up an octave to make a point and it grates on me. He's good, even great – edited down in snippets on youtube – but he's never going to go over well on television in a debate format. He does well in one on ones, and comes across on the written page well, in a campaign where I'm sure half the candidates and half their supporters are nearly illiterate.

The persistent allegations about Ron Paul's connections to a hate group really bother me. However it's a rare politician that can control who they shake hands with, and it's harder still to control who supports you - especially when you are not into top down control in the first place. I will pay close attention to further developments in this allegation, because it does worry me.

Paul's paranoia regarding a North American Union I find hard to take. Actually, on some days, I think adding the US to the rest of the Americas – voluntarily, as in the EU – would do a lot of good for most everybody - South Americans and Mexicans in particular - Imagine a CAFTA-esq treaty enforced between California and New York and you'll see what I mean. I'd rather have a voluntary association of states than an empire. On other days I remember the period 1850-1872....

But all these are nits compared to the egregious faults of the other candidates.

I remember back in 96 or so, when polygamous sexual behavior almost brought down President Clinton. Today, with most of the top candidates for president known for extra-marital affairs, it's no longer an issue for the MSM. It still is for me!

Frankly, when I see the squeaky clean and airbrushed Mormon Mitt Romney I feel a bit sorry for him - as he's one of the few that actually adhere to WASP morality in this election. As shown by the successes of the show Big Love, now in a third season - and of the other politicians in the race - polygamy is IN!

The sexual practices of Romney's religion were completely quashed years ago by a vile overapplication of government force. One saving grace of the current debate over gay marriage is that almost nobody advocates something as extreme as the Edmunds Tucker Act which both heavily fined and denied Mormon polygamists the right to vote, among other things.

Mitt! Unbend a little! Talk about the life and times of great grandpa! Talk about not what you can do for government but what government can do to you!

Ron Paul also adheres to conventional morality. He has had a stable marriage for 50 years. His position on abortion is stellar from my perspective - he's against it (I'm not) but all he proposes to do is remove this contentious issue from the federal realm, and return it to the states, which is far less invasive than what all the other candidates propose.

The marriage and abortion issues bore me. I don't feel these problems need to be solved at a federal level. They don't cost me anywhere near as much money as war, debt payments, social security and medicare do. Abortion and Marriage are just weapons of mass distraction used to distract us from the real federal priorities set down by the constitution.

In politics, it may be hard to control who you shake hands with, but it is a great deal easier to control who you take money from. I am in utter admiration of how Ron Paul's campaign gets its donations, and who he gets them from, and astounded at the transparency of the process. In stark contrast, Clinton takes cash from anybody, even if they don't have it in the first place, and I shudder at the sight of the list of the donors that the remainder of republicans and the democrats tolerate.

I'm going to go and answer my 10 questions in this blog, but more slowly than I'd planned. I think...

I'm going to write a bit of code that might institute fairness in the phone polls, and get some surfing in, to clear my mind.

Note: I'm not done posting the links in this blog entry, please check back later.

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Hey, the Paulbot tent is a big one. I don't agree with everything he says, for instance, am diametrically opposed to him on immigration, but that's a fairly minor issue compared to the ones I agree with him on. As a matter of fact, most Paulbots I know fall into this camp, those who don't agree with everything he says but agree enough.

Actually, a lot of Paulbots I know support him only because he is telling the truth, even though they vehemently disagree with just about everything he says. Some are supporting him only because the 'establishment' hates him. So on. I think there are quite a few people who thoroughly agree with him, but I don't know any personally.

I think the 'white supremacist connection' is a BS propaganda smear campaign.

I'm someone who completely agrees with Ron Paul, having known about him since at least 1985.

How can any of us know for sure that 'Stormfront' isn't an FBI agent provocateur sting operation?

The FBI had the KKK heavily infiltrated. And Ron Paul said he'd like to do away with the FBI.

I'm just sayin'...
Damn blogger. I had a great reply, it got lost and I don't have time to duplicate it.

The Gist--I agree that Paul probably is not even close to a white supremacist. The Militia groups were opposed to the FedGov, so it's not surprising that they supported/support the candidate that wants to reduce its power.

I have a bit of trouble with Paul's support for civil laws of any type against abortion, since I believe that it's a religious matter because science cannot determine when the "ensoulment" of the fetus occurs and it becomes a human being--the individual churches need to make the decisions for their members.

I grew up in a libertarian society--the poor, rural Midwest in the 1950s. We had lousy roads, but we liked 'em cause they kept out the riff-raff. I agree with my UA co-respondent, Hanno, that the superhighways built during the 1960s not only destroyed the extended family which had previously been the rule in America but also wrecked the economies of the inner cities by encouraging the middle and upper classes to leave them for the suburbs.

Maybe good roads aren't such a good idea after all? Something to think about....

Glad you decided to join the revolution. Congratulations.
I do have a few points. One has to do with the NAU. This should not in any way be considered a "voluntary" union. The process is going ahead without Congressional oversight and approval as required by our Constitution. Also, the NAU bureaucrats (unelected) will have the power to overrule laws passed by our elected legislatures. This is already happening with the SPP, which is just the groundwork setting agency for the NAU.
Now that you are on board, how about doing a little serious study? As a starter, I suggest "Economics for real people" by Gene Calahan. It's a well written introduction to Austrian economic theory which guides a lot of Ron Paul's ideas.
Again, thanks for joining us.
Tet, you make a very, very good point about the roads. Had the superhighways not been built in the 50s, and the same money poured into exending the train network, would America look anything like it does today?

The cities would not have emptied out as they did. Suburbs would be far more rare. Power generation would have been simplified. We'd still be making trains.More people would work closer to home, and get more exercise, walking. There'd be less cars, more people would read, more people would meet more people on a random basis and overall I think we'd be less stressed out.

(A confession: I love trains)
I actually remember seeing your name flash by at the broadcast tower last night. It was around 11:45pm. Of course, I was looking for my OWN name, but that's beside the point...
Captain Mike:

I don't particularly like the word "Revolution" tossed around as readily as some do. A real revolution has terrible after and side effects - I am researching these during my stay here in Nicaragua, recording stories from the people that survived a real revolution.

Thanks for the book recommendation, but
regrettably I have only the barest library and an inadequate bookstore available to me. You see, Amazon doesn't deliver here, and the post is notoriously unreliable and somewhat corrupt. I am enjoying the nation that lost it's jobs and then got them back, however. It gives me hope that I can make a success of my current location, given time.

The breakdown of Nicaraguan society - the american interventions in the first half of the century, the 1972 earthquake, the 1979 revolutions, the breakdown of the coalition, the counter revolution (Contra war), and the eventual peace, are all fascinating subjects, especially for someone that leans libertarian. A good starting point would be Violetta Chamorro's biography, which I believe is available in the US, in english.

Thanks for noticing! I didn't ego-surf the site, I was too busy trying to write up this enormous piece. But I'm glad to hear you donated (converted?), too.

Sure wish I knew if commenters actually got comments on a thread delivered to their inbox. I miss USENET for precisely this reason, blogs and blog comments are a parody of what could have been.
Perry, Rich:

Often, when I hear Ron Paul speak, I sometimes have a very visceral reaction - I withdraw. My brain shuts down.

When I can force myself read what he had to say - the next day, or a week later - and research what he tried to say, well, I've been trying to find the source of the quote, but it goes like this:

"I hate that man. He tells the truth."

Not many can get past this.

Paul makes mighty sense on some things I think I understand and seems sensible on many things I don't.

I'm going to have to read your blog beyond this post to make sure that I strongly disagree with you on something. I'm sure I'll find it.

I was reading your post and thinking, "Dang, I could have written this."

The white supremacy connection is a **planted lie**. Don't believe it, I expected such rumors to be circulated as it is an easy way to discredit someone without much effort. Not a shred of proof, plus just look at the man's record. It should speak on its own.

I'm sure more will surface, when this one stops working. And who is planting these lies? Just look at which major MSM agency will investigate to discredit the rumor. None. Do the investigation true or untrue, prove it one way or the other. If these allegations were true, you bet all of these guys would be all over it. They won't touch it to allow the rumor to play out on its own. Just use your common sense.
I agree with 90% of Paul's issues, and I haven't always, but once I began to research him deeper and the issues, I supported more and more of his stances. If you just go off his debate sound bites don't get the whole picture, read his papers at archive, or his interviews, he explains himself so much better. He truly woke me up.
Hello Mike,

are you of an Estonian descent? I ask this based on your last name, which means a star.

I'm just an Ron Paul fan from Estonia.


Paul Vahur
Don't believe a word of those racism allegations. It's the worst smear Paul haters have been able to come up with, and fairly weak at that. Any familiarity with RP's hundreds of writings (available online) is enough to dismiss any suspicion.

The "guilt by association" smear is also ridiculous. Not one word have they been able to find linking RP to those despicable groups. THEY might like HIM, but the feeling's not mutual.
The interstate highway system was a result of Eisenhower's experience in a convoy through these uS. The only way that the Federal government could Constitutionally justify the expenditure was to label the bill as a "National Defense" matter.

Yep. Look it up.

It is such an easy attack. take mother Theresa, Ghandi, the Pope, or any other public figure and it won't take you 5min to find a photo of them with questionable characters, or find someone you dislike saying good things about them.

Example: Gore got the Nobel Peace prize. Rigoberta Menchu got the Nobel Peace prize....see where I'm going?
And on the non-existent connection betwen Dr. Paul and the Stormfron whatever.

For Dr. Paul to bring it up on his own now would be a mistake. Since there is no connection why say anything at this stage? When he wins the nomination and the issue is raised, then he can simply categorically state his position, repudiate hate (can anyone else really come close to Dr. Paul's exemplary live-let-live record?), tht any donation that can be identified with avowed racists will be returned (or given to charity) and use the calumny as another example of what is wrong with politics.

If I were Dr. Paul I would mention Robert Byrd's (others?) past association with the modern KKK and how Byrd gets a pass.
Gallatin,Mark Bednarczyk

I take the allegations regarding the white supremacy people with a great deal of salt. I should have perhaps been more clear in this blog entry that what I was hoping for was a serious investigation into this matter that could put it to rest.

I also tried to note that I am aware that politicians often can't control who they shake hands with.

Paul Vahur:

Yes I'm Estonian by descent.

The family tree forked after a great, great grandfather came over to the US sometime between 1880 and 1904, but nothing is known about our actual arrival save for a great grandfather that fought in WWI on the American side, so we had become citizens by then.

I've been pleased to reconnect with several other Tahts located in finland and Estonia and America via this blog, but none could shed light on this.

I've often wondered, in an age when the last name often indicated a profession, what the "Tahts" did for a living when they took their names. My last name has affected my choice of career greatly.


I have actually more serious differences with Ron Paul that I like to think - I am far from 90% agreement. I have paid attention to him for nearly 20 years, however.

I'll get into my thinking more whenever I get around to writing up the answers to my 10 questions, or someone else feels up to taking them on.


I do hope you find something to disagree with in my blog (try the best of the blog section on the right) because I try hard to offend at least somebody when tackling an issue. I had kind of hoped I'd set somebody off of some political viewpoint when I talked about polygamy and the Edmunds Tucker Act. So far, no luck.

Thanks, all, for reading. I have felt like I was shouting in a wilderness. Now it's more like shouting on a streetcorner.

I tend to write about varied subjects. If you are only interested in my political views, check or bookmark this link, which is dedicated to my election 2008 issues only.
It's not that Ron Paul belongs to a "hate group." He doesn't, in fact, belong to any hate group.

The point is that he has a long history of speaking to, and associating with, and promoting the agenda of, the far-right "Patriot" movement and its various conspiracy theories as well as out-to-lunch constitutional theories. Paul attracts neo-Nazis and white supremacists to his campaign precisely because he subscribes to this belief system, which is the same underlying belief system you find at Stormfront.

Go ahead and sign up with Ron Paul if you believe, for instance:

-- The 16th amendment was never legitimately passed and that there is no legal basis for a federal income tax, and thus no legitimate IRS.

-- There should be no public education.

-- The Federal Reserve was actually set up by a conspiratorial cabal of "bankers" [read: Jews] who use the Reserve to secretly control the economic life of America.

-- We should return to the gold standard.

The list of Paul's bizarro beliefs, all originating on the far right, is quite extensive, in fact.

Why a relatively sane person would vote for him is beyond my ken.
Well, David...

The federal income tax is immoral.

The federal governemnt has no business interfereing in education.

The Federal Reserve does control the economic life of America. (Do you completely fail to understand the flow of money and credit based on interest rates and supply and demand?) I haven't any idea what religion the members of the Fed are.

A return to the gold standard would stabilise inflation.

Why any relatively sane person who wasn't a complete shill for the forces of tyranny wouldn't vote for Ron Paul is beyond my ken.
@David Neiwert

Why would people vote for him? Perhaps because of all those things you're worrying about, you're either completely misrepresenting, or just not understanding.

I'm not going to address the IRS legality because that conversation will go on forever, however, think about this:
The Income Tax only accounts for about 30% of the income of the Federal Government... if you knock government spending back by 30%, where would we be? We'd be at the level of spending we had in 2000... Are you telling me we can't survive as a country if we go back to year 2000 level of spending?
In short: The IRS is unneeded and is a gigantic bureaucracy that most rich get around while it reams the middle class... What's the point in keeping it?

Paul doesn't say "no public education", he says "no federal department of education"... Who educates the children now? Not the Federal government, the local governments do... however since the "No Child Left Behind" act, it's really crushed how effective schools are allowed to be... In short: The Dept. of Education doesn't run the public schools! The local government does! The federal government just hurts them more and more with poor ideas like "No Child Left Behind".

The Federal Reserve IS as much a part of the Federal Government as Federal Express is... That is to say, it's not at all! I don't know where people get the idea that a private set of companies controlling all money and interest rates in the country is a good idea.
This is no secret, they don't hide it, look up some information.

Paul has said the gold standard is a better standard than our current one of allowing certain people to manage the interest rates of everything... Ever hear the saying: "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely"?. Well, it's true, not only that, but when you have such a huge power pyramid, what type of people are going to claw their way to the top? The greedy selfish bastards or the selfless altruistic types?
Now going back to the old gold standard has downsides, and he's addressed that, we need another system that is similar but definitely not the blank check system that we have right now... What does a politician do with money? Now what does a politician do with a blank check? Why do you think we have so much debt? Who pays for the debt? (The last one: The middle class does through the invisible "interest tax")
No wonder most politicians won't speak against the fed reserve, it allows them to implement huge costly programs without a direct increase in taxes, effectively making it seem like the money is free instead of people seeing the new programs come out of their paychecks.
That is the system we have currently; Paul is only advocating a system that isn't controlled by the whims of powerful businessmen without oversight.

About your anti-jew inference: WTH?
The only ground you may have to stand on is Ron Paul's refusal to send free government money to Israel, however, he has the same hard-line on every other country!
He follows the ideals of "Ludwig Von Mises", who was a Jew!
If he's anti-semitic, then explain this:

Those are just some of the reasons this "relatively sane person" is supporting Paul's "bizarro beliefs".
It's also because you buy his bullshit.

For instance, you say:

Paul doesn't say "no public education", he says "no federal department of education"... Who educates the children now? Not the Federal government, the local governments do... however since the "No Child Left Behind" act, it's really crushed how effective schools are allowed to be... In short: The Dept. of Education doesn't run the public schools! The local government does! The federal government just hurts them more and more with poor ideas like "No Child Left Behind".

Well, no, actually -- as I've explained here, just as he'd like to eliminate the Fed and the IRS, he'd also like to do away with public education itself. He's an avid supporter of the Alliance for the Separation of School and State, whose basic proclamation is: "I proclaim publicly that I favor ending government involvement in education." Paul has been involved in this group since its inception. You'll also note his inclusion as a supporter on their Web site.
You know that "Ron Paul is a racist" nonsense should have been a case of over and done with months ago, but some can't just let that drop can they? Actually, I don't see how a doctor who has delivered 4,000 babies (and I imagine quite a few black ones as well...Galveston, in his district, has a large black community, as does Victoria) can be a racist. As for him being "anti-semitic" because he doesn't cow-tow to Israel...well, I don't see him cow-towing to the Palestinians either, or the Arabs, or anyone else except the American people. so drop the victimology, please! the only thing I wonder about Paul (having studied his voting record for about 15 years) is this: if a miracle happens and he does get the Presidency, will he turn out to be the "manchurian candidate"? I think those who believe Paul is "too good to be true" may have a point.
Possibly, one reason Ron Paul tends to discuss more what the federal government can't do than what local governments can do is because he's running for President, not County Commissioner.

You've made abundantly clear that you are prepared to use ad-hominem with no attempt whatsoever to argue the issues.
You finally give up on saying that RP is a racist, but continue to try tainting him with some alleged "associating with" atack. You consciously and knowingly continue to misrepresent and smear.

If you don't like the gold standard or whatever "bizarro" issue irks you the most, talk about it.
Drop the hate speech.
1.-- The 16th amendment

On the issues:
1. Paul never talks about the 16th amendment being illegal-he talks about repealing it. (You are confusing him, probably on purpose, with the Browns)
2.-- "no public education".

Paul talks about no FEDERAL education department.
His support for homeschooling or private schools is not an issue since he does not propose force the states to do anything.

-- The Federal Reserve and gold standard.

There is nothing secret (or semitic) about the fact that the central bank was created to control monetary policy. America has had central banks abolished twice before (Jefferson, Jackson). I suggest you read about the reasons.

I also suggest you read what Greenspan had to say about the Gold Standard, of course you would probably then accuse him of promoting the agenda of some hate group, but whatever...
@David Neiwert

He's running for President, not Emperor (unlike the rest of the field). As president, he's for doing away with the "Federal Dept. of Education", are you trying to claim he wants to use Federal Executive power to prevent the states, counties, and cities from providing education for their citizens?
An example of states rights: He's 100% against abortion, however he's not trying to mandate a federal ban against it, he's trying to return the power to where it belongs, the states.

The more complex a problem, the more locally it has to be handled... The Fed can't and shouldn't manage all aspects of everything in the country. An example: Where is murder illegal, on the federal or the state level?

McFly!! Think, McFly!!

If Paul is soo nutty, and soo wrong, which candidate passes muster with you? Nuke'em Gulliani, Double-Guantanamo Romney, State-Mandated-Morals Huckabee, The Good of the Many Clinton?
I'd like to know who in the field could possibly be better.
Paul isn't perfect, but he's a damn site better than the rest of the field.
(Here's a hint, look at their records, not what they say; actions speak louder than words and all that)
Hey Gallatin;

Some of us, don't really care what Greenspan has to say on any economic issue. Some of us view his tenure as Chairman of the Federal Reserve as the largest world-wide economic disaster ever seen.

Before you buttonhole me as a raving rightwinger; the criticism of Greenspan's economic policies are quite broad and rather common.

Don't forget for one moment that Alan Greenspan was Charles Keating's financial advisor. Greenspan Greenlighted all of the entire S&L debacle, from start to finish. He gave the junk bond scam a clean bill of health before, and strongly supported bilking the US tax payer out of 200 to 400 billion
(depending on how you count it) to bail the wholly corrupt industry out. Greenspan pretty much was the architect of the entire thing.

Note also, that although Keating ended up doing four and a half years, and was stripped of some of his ill gotten gains, all of his convictions were eventually overturned, and he was able to keep a modest nest egg. Every time that guy turns up, he's always got a few million stashed away here and there. Greenspan's buddies, gotta love'em.

For a nice in-depth look at Greenspan, please read this link.
You need look no further than my nick to guess that I share your disregard for Greenspan.

However he is a mainstream-respected, well known economist. My remarks (directed at neiwert) were meant to point out that even central bankers (including Bernanke, read his speech at Milton Friedman's 90th birthday) talk about the failings of the Fed and it's responsability for economic crises.

So calling RP "bizarro" for talking about ending the FED is plain ignorance.

Point taken.

As to your nick, is that an homage to Albert Gallatin ?

Why, Oh Why, do I, Joe Sixpack
even know there was such a person as Albert Gallatin?

Something is very wrong :)

Anyway, no argument.
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